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COMMS corner: The best online tricks, shortcuts and tools of all-time? – Inviting YOU to help create a list of the best online hacks / tricks / secrets of all-time!! crowdsourcing the little tricks / secrets we all use on a daily basis and collate them for everyone to refer to.


22 social media management tools – a wiki in development – Fresh Networks have started off a list of social media management tools springing up on the market.

5 open source groupware suites to watch – This selection of 5 open source things to watch takes a look at open source groupware suites which can communicate without costing the farm.

50 Open Source Apps You Can Use in the Cloud – For the purposes of this list, any app available on a hosted or on-demand basis is considered a cloud app, with links to the pages that describe how the apps can be used in the cloud.

7 of the Best Free Linux Document Management Systems – useful review of these systems, each has its own portal page, a full description with an in-depth analysis of its features, screenshots, together with links to relevant resources and reviews.

Marketing Tips – Get yourself heard!GMVSS have produced a very useful guide to making your information useful and relevant

An Open Source Toolkit for Your Small Business – a toolkit of favorite must-have applications, along with what you need to know to get your office up and running in no time

8 (More) Free and Open Source Project Management Software – Another list of excellent free and open-source project
management software (in no particular order) not included
in the previous list

A Guide to Small Business Accounting Software – Useful post about what to look for when deciding about accounts software

Wild Apricot blog suggests some Google Docs templates that might be useful for your organisation – 20 Great Google Docs Templates for Non-Profits

58 Open Source Replacements for Small Business Software – might be something here that your organisation could use

In Kind Direct – Matching Surplus to Need – In Kind Direct encourages manufacturers and retailers to donate their high quality surplus for distribution to good causes and coordinates UK-wide in-kind giving, their network of voluntary organisations represents every kind of cause – family welfare, sickness and disability, homelessness, emergency relief, environment, ethnic support and community groups

Interesting post from the PushON blog – Social Media Policies & their importance for us all…

Donna Papacosta has updated her page on Podcasts about Podcasting, there’s lots of useful information here –
Trafcom News: Updated: Podcasts about podcasting

Get real-time information from a myriad of sources ranging
from blogs and published news articles to Twitter, LinkedIn, Jigsaw, and beyond, for free –

If you’re thinking about writing a Social Media policy for your employees to follow, there are a range of them here that might provide some inspiration

Useful post on the Getting Attention blog along with links to the associated webinar and slide deck, both available free.  Direct link is

Fresh Networks have been publishing a short series on this topic this week and today’s post provides a round up and links to the individual posts.  Lots of useful content here.

Bright One is a volunteer-run communications agency for the third sector, offering third sector organisations affordable yet effective communications by bringing together communications professionals and volunteers from a range of backgrounds. It’s just celebrated its first anniversary and now has appointed four new ambassadors, details in this PR Week article, one of whom will be well known to FIR fans 🙂

If you need communications support, such as campaign planning and implementation, media relations, media training, creative copywriting, press release drafting and distribution, audience mapping, blogger relations, social media, etc then why not get in touch with them and see if they can help?

If you’re a communications professional and you’d like to volunteer to help third sector organisations, then why not contact them and see what you can do?

Their website is at

The interactive Smart Chart 3.0 is an online tool that can help you make and assess strategic decisions and it’s free to nonprofit organisations. If you’re looking to create a communications strategy for your organisation, this could be just what you need to get started

Useful report from Freeform Dynamics about using Linux in your business – a practical look at the use of desktop Linux in a business context –

Interesting post from Jakob Neilsen, about a new report with case studies, you can see what other organisations have done and maybe guide the decision/implementation process for your organisation if this is something you’re considering.

If you are thinking of the voluntary sector as a positive career option for paid employment or considering becoming a volunteer then Working For A Charity provides a wealth of information and support to help you. There is a skill profiling tool, online learning, training courses, lots of information and links and details of vacancies that are available.  Why not take a look and see if it’s something that appeals to you?

If you’re looking for a means of monitoring and measuring your organisation’s social media presence then Robin Broitman of Interactive Insights has posted a comprehensive list of resources, websites, services and advice for you.  You can find it here:

MediaTrust offer a series of online guides and podcasts to help you deal with the media to promote your organisation.  There’s a lot of useful stuff here.

This guide has been produced by Abbey’s Charitable Trust with the help and experience of many charity communication officers, to highlight best practices in communications. You can download a copy here

nfpSynergy run a twice yearly survey of journalists, asking their views about the ways that charities interact with them.  They’ve now produced a document which summarises the responses they’ve had from journalists about how charities handle media work.  You can download a copy here, it looks very useful.

Very interesting report on Social Networks from Demos –

Comprehensive guide on how to improve your organisation’s visibility to search engines and to spread your message and bring viewers to your website.

Here’s a comprehensive collection of User Guides for produced by OOoAuthors – well worth a browse if you’re trying to find out how to do something in OpenOffice

An excellent post from Shel, answering questions raised on the topic of Social Media Marketing, including a lot of very useful links to resources –

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Here’s Mashable’s list of the best tools for researchers today. In addition to being able to save text, audio, video and links during your research online you’ll also be able to share these collections of notes with
colleagues, students or anyone else. You can also keep things private for your own research projects.

Notebook 2.0: 12 Tools for Researchers

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business |

Another excellent post from Chris Brogan

Interesting post by Neville on this topic, with some comments from me as well

From David Wilcox’s The Membership Project blog, here’s a free guide to Social Media produced by Paul Caplan and The Media Trust

Well worth the read…

If you want to set up some quick monitoring of something on the web or its services the Google Alerts is worth a try

Excellent post from doshdosh.

There’s a powerpoint deck here

Or you can read the original here

Social Graphing

 What is a Social Graph?  Here’s a starter…

This is an interview with John Tropea from the Libraryclips blog

He also has a related post here

This looks like something worth further research, here’s Wikipedia’s detail

Useful collection of resources from the folks at Social Signal

Here’s your chance to win an excellent book. 

Well worth entering…

Very interesting post from Ross Dawson about plans to enable organisations to use Facebook more securely and not just block it out of hand because of security and other concerns.

If your organisation uses Open Office then this might be of interest.

SAP Global Report

The latest instalment of Shel Israel’s report on Culture, Business and Social Media is here; along with the previous two.

It contains some very interesting insights.  Well worth reading.