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No further updates will be posted, this blog is now closed and is left as an archive.



The F-Droid Repository is an easily-installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform


MIT App Inventor is a visual programming language for developing applications for the Android mobile computing platform Android Programming with App Inventor

Data Crow – Cataloguer. Data Crow allows you to create a huge database containing all your collected items

Calibre in the Cloud via Calibre in the Cloud | Linux Journal.  Interesting use for Dropbox

Some of them are extremely powerful, some of them are ingeniously simple, and a couple of them are actually just for fun. But they are all certainly worth a look.

Free Android Apps: 59 Good Apps – Datamation.

The social business hierarchy of needs – We Are Social’s post on Jeremiah Owyang’s presentation at LeWeb – very interesting.


Welcome to Fossbox -Fossbox is a non-profit supporting digital inclusion, open rights, and helping other non-profits move towards Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) with more flexibility, open standards, and lower environmental impact.

10 Linux Server Distros That Could Save You a Bundle – If you’re looking for a free/low-cost operating system to help you set yourself up a server for yourself or your organisation, there are a few to choose from here.

6 ways to map your mind with Linux –

Newscoop -The open content management system for professional journalists & online newspapers – Breaking news, longreads, blogs, comments and editorial staff are
managed effortlessly through intuitive interfaces and intelligent

11 Server Apps for Android OS Devices – These apps enable you to monitor and manage your systems via your mobile phone or tablet.

buzztouch – iPhone, iPad, Android App Builder and
Content Management System (CMS) –

7 Good Dropbox Alternatives for Linux -Dropbox is probably the most popular online file storage and synchronization tool amongst Linux users, what are the alternatives to Dropbox for online file storage?

COMMS corner -194 social media case studies (and 23 tactics) from 2011

Audacity: The Free Dimensional Sound Editor, Part Two – Continuing from last week’s introduction to Audacity, this week’s Linux Magazine article takes a deeper dive into some of Audacity’s advanced editing features by learning how to create a professional sounding introduction for your audio projects

Technology Toolkit for Start-up Nonprofits: Part Two –  In A Technology Toolkit for Start-up Nonprofits: Part One, guest writer Minal Bopaiah reviewed ten core web-based tools to put in your nonprofit’s “toolkit.”  Today, she suggests next steps and offers a sample step-by-step plan you can adapt to meet your own organization’s social media mission:

10 Take-Aways from SXSW for Nonprofits – The annual SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, TX—which brings together tech geeks, social media peeps and other online folk finished recently – here’s a short-list of ten things you could apply to your organisation.

Welcome to my new blog, I’ve been prevaricating about creating one for some while now and finally decided to do something about it, so here we are.  I’m not sure what its voice will be yet, or even if it will have a distinctive one, maybe that will be found when I start publishing some content.  It’s likely to be fairly eclectic though, as my blogroll might indicate.